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A good public works infrastructure is essential to the health, safety and well-being of any community. Unless, a community has a solid basis of well-maintained roads, a good water supply, sound sewage and solid waste disposal and a workable planning system, among other things, improved social well-being and economic expansion will be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve and sustain.

The Public Works Department works to provide quality service for water supply, wastewater treatment, water and septic system assistance, solid waste disposal, maintenance of the roads, water and sanitation systems. Develops roads projects to meet the needs of the Band through planning, design, and construction. It is also an integral part of the Public Works Division to ensure quality control and assurance of construction projects that the Band has built.

Public Works Maintenance

Public Works Maintenance staff makes sure that the water, waste water, and road systems are safe and properly maintained. Overseeing the utility and road maintenance, construction, and repair projects. Activities include snow plowing, culvert replacements, roadside mowing, repairing water main breaks, replacing defective water and sewer components, and general maintenance to the Bandís public works infrastructure.

Water Works

Provides assistance for the installation of water supply and wastewater systems for permanent residential requests. Also helps to trouble shoot water supply and wastewater treatment systems that are failing.

Indian Reservation Roads

This program is under self governance by the Band. All activities associated with roads projects for the Band through the BIA are contracted through the Band. From the Planning of projects through the administering projects through the Construction phase.

Current Updates:

  • Road Construction - We will be asphalt paving the 1.8 kms that is currently being upgraded.
  • Relocation of Garbage Waste (T.B.A)
  • Housing Renovations - On-going
  • Creation of Lagoon - Funding has been confrimed for 5.75 million dollars to build a new aeration lagoon. The effluent will be created by a mechanical treatment system prior to discharge in the new lagoon.

Economic Development Housing:

  Name: Phone: Cell: Email:
Program Director Cleo Hunter 780-636-7029    
Administrative Assistant Carrie Houle 780-636-7017    

Public Works/Roads:

  Name: Phone: Cell: Email:
Program Director Jake Stamp   780-210-7000  
Assistant Sandra Jackson   780-614-1136  

Water Treatment Plant:

  Name: Phone: Cell: Email:
Program Director Marvin Steinhauer 780-636-3755 780-210-7012  
Operator Randy Hunter      

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