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"Continuing to maintain service delivery in Education"

Philosophical Statement:

The Whitefish Lake #128 Post Secondary Education Porgram through its own and other education institutions will endeavor to provide and maintain service delivery in education, individual and career counseling for all of the band members. The Post Secondary Education Program will continue to support the education of an individual, whereby education will be the means by which each student may develop physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually so that he or she can become a competant, responsible and contributing member of the community of Whitefish Lake #128 and the society at large

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be a Whitefish Lake #128 member.
  • Acceptance into a recognized and accredited public or private post secondary institution.
  • Must have a program plan of studies to insure completion within allotted student months.
Application Procedures:

A new applicant is responsible for providing the following documents to the Whitefish Lake Post Secondary Programs office deadline dates.

  • Application Form (to be processed at the education office);
  • Acceptance letter from the Post Secondary Institution;
  • Transcripts from previous enrollment;
  • Career Plan (one page essay outlining career objectives);
  • Course Schedule;
  • Waiver form to release official transcripts;
  • Photocopy of Indian Status Card
  • Photocopy of Provincial Helathcare card of applicant and dependant(s), if applicable;
  • Fee assessment schedule from Post Secondary Institution;
  • Photocopy of SIN card
Levels of Study:

  • University/College Entrance Program (UCEP/Pre-med/Pre-Tech/Transition year program)
  • College Certificate/Diploma
  • Undergraduate Degree Program
  • Graduate Degree Program (Master or Doctoral, including Graduate Dilpoma)
Other Forms of Study:

  • Intersession (spring/summer)
  • Part-time
  • Home-study
  • Evening Courses
Application Deadlines Dates:

  • Fall/Winter - May 31st
  • Spring/Summer Intersession - March 31st
  • Winter - October 1st
Post Secondary Support Available:

  1. Tuition
  2. Post Secondary Allowance (Full-time Students Only)
  3. Books and Supplies
  4. Certain Academic Program Fees
    (reimbursement of one application fee and challenge exams upon approval of Post Secondary Manager)
  5. Tutorial Assistance
  6. Educational Incentives Upon Studies

Classroom Phone: 780-636-2298
Information Line: 1-866-623-5551
For more information www.portagecollege.ca

Post Secondary Coordinator:  Rosalie Halfe
- 780-636-7015

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