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The Whitefish Lake Daycare and Headstart program will accommodate 76 children with five separate rooms for the age groups: (6-12 months), (13-18 months), (19-35 months), (36 months-3 years old), (3 years-6 years old)

Philosophy Statement:

The Whitefish Lake Daycare Centre will provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children of the community by addressing the development of the social, physical. language, intellectual, emotional and cultural selves of the individual children’s needs. We are intending to achieve this by stressing the importance through self play. We believe that through playing the children can be educated and have fun at the same time. Their needs as individuals and as a group are the programs priority. In addition, we are intending to return to the grassroots level. As a daycare centre on the reserve, we want the children to develop in their culture and identity as aboriginal people introduced. The daycare wants to emphasize the importance of being native by incorporating the Cree Language and Culture in the program.

Goals and Objectives:

The Whitefish Lake Daycare will ensure that each group has its own program developed specifically to nurture and enhance the development of the child, physically, emotionally, intellectually and culturally. The children are the programs priority, the staff will take pride in being valuable support to the children’s development and the director will ensure a safe and clean learning environment. Any questions and or concerns can be discussed with the director of the centre.

Daycare Program:

cooperation and sharing, adapting to different situations, participating freely in small/large group settings, making decisions and developing individually, responsibility towards routines, using good habits and developing manners and respects property rights of others.

Small motor skills (drawing, cutting, pasting), large motor skills (jumping, balancing, walking), coordination (throwing, catching, kicking ball), awareness of body need (rest, exercise, grooming, nutrition, proper dress to suit weather conditions and awareness of space and direction)

Opportunity to provide the development and practice skills in pre-reading, speaking, listening, numbers, comprehension, visual, auditory, also Cree language songs. Comparing facts and acquiring understanding

Develop the curiosity and desire to learn. Learning to acquire information thorugh (observation, ordering, investigation), comprehensive skills. other sensory skills (touch, taste and smell), pre-reading skills (classifying, likenesses, and differences) and science and health skills.

Arts and crafts projects, weekly, monthly themes and celebrating special days, holidays.

Self-confidence, self-discipline, slef-motivation, self-direction, self-worth and dignity, development of trust and value in him/herself and others and meets new experiences and settings with confidence.

Broadening of interest and involvement in the cultural arts, literature, music, drama involvement, and dance and the visual arts. Understanding and appreciating cultural backgrounds, promote pride and respect of being native, enhance native values, bravery, respect the elders and view as valuable source of knowledge, unity with others. Teach Cree language, native foods, films on Native history, sharing our bounties, and the concept of the extended family


Head Start Programs provide children with a positive sense of themselves as First Nations children and provide them with opportunities to understand and experience their culture and language

Head Start programs encourage children to enjoy life-long learning by providing rich opportunities for their physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual development

Head Start programs provide opportunites for children to access health professional, and for children and families to practice healthy life-styles, with an emphasis on developing self-care and wellness of choices for life.

Head Start programs provide children with wholesome food to help them meet their nutritional needs, and provide children and families with information and support in developing healthy eating habits that can be maintained for life.

Head Start programs support and involve parents and family members as the primary teachers of children, and provide opportunities for parents to be actively involved in Head Start and to learn and grow as role models for their children.

The Daycare Centre currently utilizes these Community Resources when needed:
  • Dental Therapist
  • Nurses
  • Elders
*we do make sure our nutrition and immunizations are up-to-date

Director of Daycare:  Verna Steinheuer
Phone:  (780) 636-2662

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