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Dry Cleaning/Garment Factory - Website: www.gfldc.ca

*Hiring on-going

Whitefish Lake First Nationís dry cleaning and laundry division is just one of three divisions operated under Goodfish Lake Development Corporation, each catering to the oil and gas industry. It also has sewing and garment division and a retail outlet in Fort McMurray called Protective Clothing Supplies Ltd which produces industrial work-wear (petro-chemical wear) and provides maintenance services (i.e. dry cleaning).


Goodfish Lake Development Corporation

PO Box 273
Goodfish Lake, Alberta
T0A 1R0

Phone: (780) 636-2782
CEO: Sandy Sanderson
Website: www.gfldc.ca

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Whitefish (Goodfish) Lake First Nation #128 - PO Box 271, Goodfish Lake, Alberta T0A 1R0 - Tel: 1-800-409-3978