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Our Community is home to approximately 2378 members of which 600 are off-reservation and 1778 reside on the reservation.

Whitefish Lake First Nation #128 community is located in the northeastern part of Alberta covering 50 sq kms. Just 220 Kilometers NE of Edmonton, 90 Kilometers NW of St. Paul and 68 Kilometers West of Bonneyville, Alberta.

Whitefish Lake First Nations #128 is a community discovering its potential. With a rich history of resiliency and determination, we have embraced the challenge of economic renewal as an opportunity to enrich the lives and brighten the futures of each and every member of the community.

Strong leadership, a tradition of excellence and the ability to recognize opportunities is creating a reputation as a vibrant, independent and self-governing community.

Every decision, every project and every new skill enhances our ability to take on new challenges and expand the scope of what we can accomplish.

We know that sustainable and diversified development is the key to growth and development.

We look forward to the continued success that has been created through implementation of our solid self-governing principles.

We are determined to do good things and committed to achieving results.

We invite you to learn more about Whitefish Lake First Nation #128 through our website. It is our aim to be able to send you to the information you want with as few clicks and backtracking as possible. This master menu is always shown on the top and bottom of the screen and can be accessed from any page on our website. Also at the top of the page you can use our search engine. For all upcoming events, please be sure to check out our calendar.

Our Vison & Values

Vision Statement

We shall ensure self-sufficiency that respects diversity and equality while working within a spirit of cooperation and fairness for a high standard of living and quality of life.

We shall strive to provide an environment of improved well-being for our community including education, health, safety, and welfare while valuing our culture and all resources.

We shall accomplish this for all generations with a system of value-based management to respect all views.

Value Statement

1- Maintain, protect, and nurture our culture and spiritual and historic values through the celebration of our unique traditions and language.
2- Promote education as the corner stone of our values.
3- Show pride and support the endeavors of our youth.
4- Acknowledge, respect, and value the wisdom of our elders with guidance for our future generations.
5- Honor, respect, and strive for justice by treating all with equality and fairness.
6- Protect and maintain our lands and other natural resources.
7- Promote, enhance, and sustain the health, safety, and quality of life for all.
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