Chief and Council

Chief & Council

Vison Statement

Band members grant power to an elected Chief and Council, which form the political arm for Whitefish Lake first Nation #128, to govern the land and property of the membership. Chief and Council deal with governance and policy issues in the community. Supported by the administrative function, the Chief and Council’s responsibilities include program and service delivery, financial management, policy development, and planning and control systems. They negotiate with the federal government and work to increase federal funding and bring new money and programs into the community.

Chief & Council Portfolio Assignments

Name Phone Cell No Email
Chief Stan L. Houle  –   (780) 547-7501
Councillor Herb Jackson (780) 547-7502
Councillor James Jackson Jr. (780) 547-7503
Councillor Louise Hunter (780) 547-7504
Shauna Jackson – E.A. (780) 222-5172
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