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Whitefish Lake #128 ISETS and Employment & Training

WFLN ISETS and Employment and Training primary objective is to provide WFLN members with proper supports and opportunities in employment and training; further, WFLN is committed to assist members in becoming self sufficient, independent, and self reliant by providing self development, skill development, career planning, employment maintenance support and opportunities.

The ISETS Department (Indigenous Skills Employment Training Strategy) is a Service Canada Federal Program funded streamlined through Tribal Chiefs Employment and Training, the WFLN ISETS Department develops and Annual Operational Plan focusing on Short Term Training, Safety Ticket Training, Protective Clothing support, Training Allowances, Building Trades support and other supports deemed necessary.

Employment and Training Department is a proposal driven program funded through Alberta labor, the WFLN Employment and Training Department conducts various group training initiatives based on Industry needs and Alberta Labor Market Forecasts. Individuals selected for Group Training must be from WFLN, but not limited to, programs can be open to Albertans should there be additional openings.

WFLN is fully committed to WFLN members, for every member that succeeds in Employment and Training it increases stability, strength, progress, healthy families, healthy community.

ISETS/ Employment and Training Department

Name Title Phone Cell Email
Rennie Houle 780-210-7001 Rene.houle@wfl128.ca
Daphne Favel ISETS Assistant 780-210-5411 Daphne.favel@wfl128.ca
Violet Cardinal Employment and Training Assistant 780-614-3875 vcardinal@wfl128.ca

Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Contact Number 780-210-7001
Fax Number – (fax)

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