Human Resources

Human Resources Statement

The Human Resources Department located at Whitefish Lake First Naton # 128 Band Office, Goodfish Lake, Alberta. The Department of Human Resources is committed to the equitable, fairness and respectful management and provision of efficient services for WFL # 128 departments relevant to human resource requirements.
The Vision of HR Department is to foster a healthy work environment built on trust, accountability and open communication that empower and encourages the committed workforce.

At WFL # 128, people are our success drivers, and that makes their careers important to us. WFL # 128 provides the opportunity to be mentored, nurtured and empowered so members can create something inspirational that influences the lives of the membership living on and off reserve every day.

The core activities that HR Department carries out are Recruitment & Selection, Policies & Procedures, Rewards & Recognition, Career Planning & Performance Management, Health & Safety, Training & Development, Employees Relations and Compensation & Benefits of employees.

Recently, Information Technology has also been integrated into HR with the goal to automate, digitalize and develop information systems throughout the WFL # 128 Band Departments. The HR Department is also aimed at transforming the working culture into an HR and technology-driven administrative mentality. This cultural transition will be achieved with the passage of time; however to achieve this, the Administration team, consisting of experienced and trained professionals, are working hard in order to provide the right mix of knowledge and experience required by the Nation.

Information Technology Department

IT department is commited to provide robust and efficient IT services to all nation departments. IT department is focused to develop and deploy systems which reduces business overhead and time consuming tasks.

IT at WFL #128 is focused on digitizing nation departments in order to improve work efficiency by meeting nation's current and future IT needs.

1- Lead IT projects, including the design and deployment of new IT systems and services.
2- Monitor performance of information technology systems to determine cost and productivity levels, and to make recommendations for improving the IT infrastructure.
3- Help define IT infrastructure strategy, architecture, and processes.
4- Analyze business requirements by partnering with key stakeholders across the organization to develop solutions for IT needs.
5- Assess vendors and develop test strategies for new hardware and software.
6- Troubleshoot hardware and software issues related to internal IT.
7- Purchasing, set-up, and installation of new and replacement computers – workstations, laptops, tablets and multi-purpose copiers/printers/fax machines.
8- Purchasing and programming email accounts on new cellphones.
9- Analyze nation business needs presented by users and recommend technical solutions with the completion timeline.
10- Nation network updation/optimization by maintaining quality service and enforcing organization standards.

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