Child and Family

Child & Family Services


CHILD: to promote & provide for the child’s need for safety, protection, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being;

FAMILY: to promote & support family unity & wellness; establish & maintain a positive working rapport with families;

COMMUNITY: to encourage community involvement; to educate the community about our program; to establish & maintain a positive working rapport with community service-providers; to encourage community involvement.


CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES: The definition of a child who is in need of protective services varies, but can include the following: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Sexual Abuse and Neglect.

Child protection services are required only when it becomes clear that a child’s survival, security or development is at risk. Child and Family Services must become involved when reports are received.

Please note that a child in need of protective services does not include truancy or custody disputes.

Child & Family Services Name:Phone:
St. PaulTheresa Steinhauer645-6634
On-Call (TCCFS-West)-1-877-645-9788
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